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Our services include :
Processors of Bright and Galvanized Steel Strapping
Manufacturing of Bright and Galvanized Strapping Seals
Importers of PET and High Tensile Coated Steel Strapping.
In-house processing of Customer own material, Steel Strip and Coil for the Punching, Pressing and Roll Forming Markets.
In-house tool repair shop
We also supply the following Products :
Stainless Steel Band, Buckles and Clips
Hand and Pneumatic Steel / PET Strapping tools
Steel, Polywoven and PET Strapping Dispensers
Processors of Narrow Strip and Coil.
Hand Strap, Poly Buckles and Seals
Variety of Pipe Flanges
Pallet Wrap, standard and extended Cores
Wire Ties and Wire Tools
Corner Protectors
Hoop Iron and Bracing Strap
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